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Core Competencies

Along the seven years of practices, Bosera has gradually developed several core competencies in its pension business.
Core Competencies
The Segregated Account Department, a powerhouse dedicated for pension funds, is comprised of investment managers with a value philosophy and expertise in long-term asset management. The investment style and experience aligned with objectives of asset mandates, together with the diligence of investment managers, allow these portfolios to generate desirable returns.
We maintain a rigorous risk management system tailored for pensions to address the safety need in investment. An independent third party auditor has been engaged to prepare SAS70 (Statement on Auditing Standard 70) internal control review reports for 4 consecutive years.
Through ongoing cultivation, we have established a set of sophisticated pension management system with reproducible capabilities for large-value funds and multi-accounts. The longstanding mechanism effectively integrating pension management procedures and customization allows us to provide pension management services on a timely, accurate and efficient basis.
Since 2000, Bosera has conducted a series of studies on pillars of social security system jointly with the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security, the Ministry of Finance of the PRC, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and fostered a team of professionals in pension investment management business who are familiar with policies and regulations and customer needs.
Growing with its clients, Bosera is able to provide services specific to requirements in different stages of client annuity schemes. Bosera has assisted a great number of enterprises to develop successful annuity schemes, supported by standardized management and policy advisory services.